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Scam website, won’t ship your items

They won’t ship your items and don’t even have a proper payment system in place

Loved the Rocket Fudge bar. The dark chocolate is divine, and the high is smooth and relaxing. It’s a bit slow to start, but once it does, it’s fantastic. Great for a chill night

Really enjoyed the Rocket Fudge bar. The taste is rich, and the high is mellow and pleasant. Wish it was a bit faster to feel the effects, but overall, it’s a solid edible

Rocket Fudge is delicious and potent. Felt like I was floating through space. The only downside was a slight aftertaste, but overall, a great experience

Hands down the best edible I’ve ever had. Rocket Fudge Moon Chocolate Bar took me on a cosmic adventure. The dark chocolate is rich and divine, and the trip is just incredible

Love it

One bite of this Rocket Fudge Moon Chocolate Bar and I was spiraling through the cosmos. It’s like eating a chocolate comet! So smooth, so trippy.

Dude, this Rocket Fudge is pure magic! Dark chocolate goodness that’s vegan and sends you straight to the moon. Felt like I was floating in a sea of stars. Best trip ever

Rocket Fudge Moon Chocolate Bar is outta this world! Took a bite, and before I knew it, I was cruising the Milky Way. Perfect for those intergalactic vibes. Total game changer

Love it!

This is next-level chocolate! The cherry flavor in Cherry Blasters Moon Chocolate is unreal and the high is pure bliss. Felt like I was floating in a sea of cherries.

my favorite

This stuff is groovy! The cherry and chocolate combo is killer and the high is super chill. Felt like I was floating on a cherry cloud. Definitely a solid choice

This stuff is magical! The cherry flavor pops and the chocolate is divine. Felt like I was riding a cherry wave straight to bliss. Moon Chocolate, you guys rock

Absolutely stellar! The cherry flavor is spot-on and the high is smooth and long-lasting. This is definitely my go-to for a chill night

Totally mind-blowing

Whoa, this Cherry Blasters Moon Chocolate took me to another dimension! The mix of cherry and chocolate is like a party in my mouth. Plus, the THC kick is next-level.

Satisfied 😊

Delicious chocolate and a nice high

Can't wait to buy more

This is hands down the best THC chocolate bar I've tried. The pumpkin chunks are delicious, and the chocolate is so creamy. The high was just right. Can't wait to buy more

Best. Edible. Ever. The pumpkin pieces add the perfect crunch, and the chocolate is top-notch. The THC effects were smooth and enjoyable. Will definitely be buying more

Two thumbs up

Wasn't sure what to expect, but wow, this toffee chocolate bar exceeded all my expectations. The flavor is amazing, and the high was super chill and long-lasting.

Loved the taste and the effects were spot on. Gave it 4 stars because I wanted more toffee chunks. Still, a great product and I'll definitely buy again

Really liked the Blasted Toffee bar! The flavor is great and the high is smooth. Only wish it was a bit stronger

Moon Chocolate's Blasted Toffee bar is a masterpiece. The blend of chocolate and toffee is divine, and the THC infusion delivers a consistent and enjoyable experience. Truly a remarkable product


The Blasted Toffee variant of the Moon Chocolate Bar is exceptional. The taste is delightful, and the effects are both relaxing and enjoyable. I commend Moon Chocolate for this outstanding product